Duel of the Mages

Who can cast the best spells? Can you win the battle?


Magistrar: The game world

Excitement in the magical land of “Magistrar”! The best magicians meet in the arena for the Magicus Pugna, a magical contest. No magician knows beforehand whether he will compete against the dark or the light energy. But he must adapt his spells to his opponent.
Magistrar: The game idea

Quick start, short game duration, several game variants - “Magistrar” is a strategy game “light” for all those who love quick decisions! Two players compete in five duels against­ one ­another. Points are awarded for each duel won - as well as for collecting as many tiles of one energy type as possible. You have to be careful with your pieces and can set cunning traps for your opponent. Every game is different, because the energy in the arena is randomly combined and always presents you with new challenges.


Magistrar: Play online!

If you feel like it, just try MAGISTRAR online. We have posted the game on Tabletopia, a “game table simulator”.

All you need are the game rules, which you can find under Download, and the link to the game on Tabletopia.

Have fun while playing!


The magicians in comparison

Fight until the big showdown! Which magician has the coolest magic spells and will beat his opponents to a pulp? It's up to you to decide who will emerge victorious from the Magicus Pugna competition!

Aurora – comes from the 1st great magician house of MAGISTRAR, the Imperica - a mage guild with centuries of tradition and the ability to magically influence the energies of the earth. As the most gifted of her bloodline, Aurora fights for the glory and prestige of her family.


Wotan – is as mighty as the giant trees of his homeland. According to legend, he was found as a newborn in the root system of a huge sequoia. Nature is his element, in the woods he is said to possess unimaginable powers and to be invincible. How good that the Magicus Pugna takes place on neutral ground.


Silas – The experienced magician Silas comes from the 2nd great magician house of MAGISTRAR, the Lucemia. However, he has long since retired to a castle in the mountains. Exactly what studies he conducts here, no one knows. However, the powerful spells with which he competes in the Magicus Pugna are unparalleled.


Bahar – Not much is known about Bahar, the secretive mage from the vast, arid desert plains of MAGISTRAR. She moves as lightly as the wind, and a mysterious aura of stillness surrounds her petite appearance. Supposedly, she draws strength from the balance that rests deep within her. Is this the calm before the storm?

    Die Magier im Vergleich

    Kämpfen bis zum großen Showdown! Welcher Magier hat die fetzigsten Zauber­sprüche und haut seine Wider­sacher in die Pfanne? Es liegt an Dir, wer aus dem Wettkampf Magicus Pugna als großer Sieger hervorgeht!


    Teaser MAGISTRAR

    Explanation video MAGISTRAR


    Here is a selection of the reviews of MAGISTRAR:
    Rating: 4/5 points!

    “Illustrations & material are great! It's very easy to learn, you can develop some nice strategies and with the mage & duel cards you also have variety between rounds. It's the perfect game to play a few rounds against each other when you don't have much time. I really like it a lot.”

    Olli, Game Critic @lordoftheboard1976

    Rating: 7/10 points!

    “It is a really good game! The mechanics work flawlessly, the material is very good and the illustrations are also very praiseworthy.”


    „We had a lot of fun with this game. Magistrar is a fast and entertaining two-player fighting game. The rules are easy to learn and the game is therefore both good to play for fun with the family or more seriously with friends.“

    Jan, Game Critic @theboardgameplayer


      Hier eine Auswahl der Bewertungen von MAGISTRAR:

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