For Sale

Make real money with dream houses! Who’s ripping off everyone else?

FOR SALE: The game world
Do you think estate agents often rip off home­buyers? Then show that you’ve got all the financial tricks up your sleeve! As an estate agent, you’re trying to make money while bank­rupting your competitors – by letting them buy junk properties for way over market value. Are you good at assessing the value of houses and pocketing the biggest cheques?
FOR SALE: The game idea
Equipped with a bundle of banknotes, you bid on properties to buy them as cheaply as possible. Use your funds wisely and force the other bidders to blow their budgets. Then sell your houses for as much as possible and be rewarded with juicy returns! This entertaining family and party game combines classic and original bidding mechanisms with great visuals and many interactive elements. Easy to play, clever in many ways, and endlessly fun!

Neue Helden: Online spielen

Wenn du Lust hast, probiere NEUE HELDEN einfach online aus. Wir haben das Spiel auf Tabletopia, einem „Spieltisch-Simulator“, eingestellt.

Alles, was du dazu brauchst, sind die Spielregeln, die du unter Download findestund den Link zum Spiel auf Tabeltopia.

Viel Spaß beim Spielen!


This is the game material

Buy the best houses while the prices are low … and then flog them for big bucks!

House cards

30 lovingly designed properties with the values 1 to 30 are waiting for you! Try to buy a space station or a castle as cheaply as possible – and cash in with a cardboard box or a rickety caravan.



84 banknotes of $1,000 each are distributed among the players. You should manage your budget well!



In the second part of the game, you have to sell your properties for a profit. You compete with your fellow players for 30 cheques: 28 with a value of $2,000 to $15,000 – each cheque comes twice. But watch out: You definitely don’t want the 2 “INVALID” cheques with a value of $0!

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    From mid-September you can buy FOR SALE online!


    FOR SALE: Short test of “Brettspielteddy”


    The rules of the game FOR SALE:


    Here is a selection of reviews of FOR SALE:
    “Tactical bidding and bluffing! The game is accessible, even for families. The 2 phases of play make it feel like 2 different games.”
    Olli, Blogger YouTube-Channel Brettspielteddy
    “FOR SALE is pleasantly entertaining, the rounds run quickly and are absolutely uncomplicated. The rulebook also offers a good, quick introduction. It could convince in many rounds of 4 with its ease and yet offers certain challenges when it comes to collecting the right building selection for the hand and correctly assessing the opponents.”
    The Games Blog Team
    “FOR SALE convinced me right from the first game. A round with 'experienced' players rarely lasts longer than 20 minutes and the rules are as simple as possible.”
    Diana Martin, Blogger

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