Colour Square

Roll the dice, add up, win! Who collects the most points?

COLOUR SQUARE: The game idea
Luck of the dice, tactics, and arithmetic: In COLOUR SQUARE you write the results of the dice in the matching coloured corners. The first player to reach the sum in the middle conquers the number field – all others lose out! Cross the plans of your fellow players, build bridges between your SQUARES or take on the challenging solo mode. Two different game cards guarantee variety.

Neue Helden: Online spielen

Wenn du Lust hast, probiere NEUE HELDEN einfach online aus. Wir haben das Spiel auf Tabletopia, einem „Spieltisch-Simulator“, eingestellt.

Alles, was du dazu brauchst, sind die Spielregeln, die du unter Download findestund den Link zum Spiel auf Tabeltopia.

Viel Spaß beim Spielen!


These are the game variants

Different game slips and game variations challenge your brain – in the game alone, in pairs or even with six people!

Variant “Standard”

Get as many SQUARES as possible – these are the square number fields with the score in the middle! The sum of all four dice results in the corners of a SQUARE must be exactly the same as the number in the middle – you will then receive this value as plus points.


Variant “Advanced”

Different game sheet – different rules: There are new SQUARES with grey number areas in their centre. Here, the sum of the dice results in the coloured corners does not have to produce an exact result, but must simply lie within the given number range. In addition, in some corners, dice results are given that have to be entered exactly like this.


Variant “Task (Solo)”

Choose any task and try to solve it! Either alone in solo mode – or together with other players. A graphic shows you how well you did. Have you cracked the high score – or closed the most SQUARES in the right order?


Variant “Preview”


    NINJA ACADEMY: Unboxing

    NINJA ACADEMY: Erklärvideo von „Hunter & Friends“ (engl. Version)


    The rules of the game COLOUR SQUARE:


    Here is a selection of reviews of COLOUR SQUARE:
    “We ALL liked the fact that you can choose from several numbers on the other play slip. The annoyance factor is not too high either, but the NO MORE PLEASE is even higher. What I find great is that the rules are very catchy and also the game itself.”
    Game tester Katja Roß
    “The game offers an interesting change to Qwixx and co. More challenging than Qwixx, but not as complex as Ganz schön Clever, for example.”
    Game tester Gunnar Müller and Family
    “We like games where everyone can do something. We also like the fact that you HAVE to use a dice, unlike Qwixx. The game is fun and has an interesting game principle.”
    Game tester Natalie Renz
    “The solo mode works pleasingly well, also gave us a lot of fun with two people. The instructions are clear and understandable.”
    Game tester Achim Preisner

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