Start the seafaring adventure of your life! Is the god of the wind well-disposed towards you?

AEOLOS: The game world
Welcome to the island kingdom of Aeolos! The ruler of the winds has invited you to compete with other sailors. Whoever receives the most recognition in Olympus will be accepted as a favorite in the league of the gods. But remember: when sailing, you are dependent on the capricious winds of the mighty Aeolos. Like the legendary Odysseus, make sure that your windbag is always well filled.
AEOLOS: The game idea

In seven harbors you shall establish settlements, build ships and collect sacred crystals. Sail your ships upstream to the temples of the winds to offer sacrifices. Or send your prophet on a journey across the sacred mountain to invoke Olympus and tell of your great deeds. By cleverly combining sailing cards, your ships will set out on their journey. On the way, your windbag fills up. Use it wisely and keep an eye on the other sailors - because on the islands of the winds you are constantly fighting against time.


Neue Helden: Online spielen

Wenn du Lust hast, probiere NEUE HELDEN einfach online aus. Wir haben das Spiel auf Tabletopia, einem „Spieltisch-Simulator“, eingestellt.

Alles, was du dazu brauchst, sind die Spielregeln, die du unter Download findestund den Link zum Spiel auf Tabeltopia.

Viel Spaß beim Spielen!


These are the action cards

Use the “favor of the gods” as you explore the world of AEOLOS with full sails. Each god will gift you with a special action.


The God of Wind will make your ships glide through the waters with great speed! When you play this card, you immediately receive three wind tiles and one victory point.



If you use the god of light, he will light your way. Move your prophet one space to the next platform or to a temple. You only have to give up one wind tile.



The god of wealth and abundance gives you a colored crystal from the game board with this card. And that without being present at the corresponding port.



The Goddess of the Hunt helps you chase or outrun your teammates. You may use this card to move ships two spaces upstream. Pay for it with a breeze of wind.



The Goddess represents wisdom and strategy - and that's how you should use this card. By surrendering a wind token, you can perform any port action without the use of a sail card or a presence in the port.



The messenger of the gods is also called the god of travelers. With his help you can influence your sailing value. By increasing or decreasing this value, you can reach your destination flexibly and quickly.



The Goddess of Family helps you to settle down. With this card you can build a settlement at any port. Or you get five victory points.



The mighty Father of the Gods gives you a ship - or a whopping five victory points - when you play this card.


    AEOLOS: Unboxing Video

    AEOLOS: Explanation video game mechanics

    AEOLOS: Interview with the authors


    The rules of the game AEOLOS:


    Here is a selection of the reviews of AEOLOS:


    “AEOLOS is a game in the lower connoisseur range that entertains really well. I was particularly taken with the simple but clever sailing mechanism.”

    Stefan Feld, Game Author


    “The game has a cool card mechanism and I like that racing aspect.”
    “In AEOLOS, we have an exciting race. Since you’re always looking at what’s happening on the board and already planning your next move at the same time, there’s rarely any waiting time until it’s your turn again. The card-driven mechanism is simple and ingenious at the same time and has caused a lot of fun and knots in our heads at the table!”

    Heike, Game Critic @spiele_acker

    “What makes the game particularly interesting is the card-based mechanism that lets players sail between islands and rivers, finding just the right balance between luck and strategy. Overall, we had a lot of fun.”
    “Getting started with AEOLOS is quite easy thanks to the clear, well-structured and easy-to-understand rules. Not least because of the many illustrated examples.”

    Oliver Sack, Blogger

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