Intrigue, power struggles, the supernatural: who is the most successful gangster boss?

WITH A SMILE: The game world
Feel transported back to the dark days of Prohibition, when illegal black market businesses flourished in the USA! You lead a criminal gang, have to outwit your rival – and seize control of the underground. You can only do this if you plan your actions carefully and react thoughtfully to your opponent. Do you call the cops to bust his business? Or do you prefer to keep your feet still so that you can go all out again next time? It’s your choice! If you want to get your way, you even use dark supernatural powers and mysterious potions! The only question is why they are forbidden …
WITH A SMILE: The game idea
In this exciting and tactical dice-rolling game you have to dominate districts in your city. In return, you will be rewarded with resources. These can either be victory points or magic potions that change the rules of the game in your favour. First, you grab dice to move and perform actions. With your henchmen, you capture districts and secure the most lucrative deals for your criminal empire. But beware: in each game, a new, unknown character moves through the city – known only as “The Shadow” – and thwarts all your plans.

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Wenn du Lust hast, probiere NEUE HELDEN einfach online aus. Wir haben das Spiel auf Tabletopia, einem „Spieltisch-Simulator“, eingestellt.

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This is the game material

Take on the extensive solo campaign or face off against another gangster boss. Every game is a new challenge!

Shadow cards

In each game there is a randomly selected “shadow” – a character who moves through the city at the end of the round and influences the game board. Will you encounter “The Detective”, “The Viper” or the “Corrupt”? The latter, for example, makes all the policemen disappear from a certain part of the city.


Monster Shadows

In this supernatural world there are of course also supernatural shadows; for example “The Water Creature”, “The Cursed One” or “The Guardian” who fiercely defends the resources in the city centre!


Potion cards

These cards determine when and how the resource “potion” can be used during the game. Besides potions like “Seduction” and “Soulmate”, there is also the “Second Chance”: You may re-roll as many dice as you like – for better actions or to annoy your opponent!


Actions / Scoring

On your turn, take a six-sided die and choose an action: for example, call the cops or send your henchmen to another neighbour­hood. On the back of the card you can find out how the score is determined at the end of the round.


Gameplay / Variations

You can see the different phases of a game round on your game flow card. If you have the lowest police search level, you get a bonus action! On the back of the card you can find out how to vary the game.


Resources & henchmen

The game also contains numerous resource tiles and a cloth bag, game pieces and number cubes. The coloured dice represent your henchmen and the police.

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    Here is a selection of the reviews of WITH A SMILE & A GUN:

    “The game is a little gem that combines mechanisms in a way that has never been seen before. There are few area control games that work so well with two players. Absolutely top recommendation, the game is really great. I'm celebrating it!”


    “The game is quick to learn and play, a great tactical duel and perfect for solo play. The fact that Area Control rarely works in small teams means that it also feels quite unique and fresh.”


    “A very successful game for two people with lots of interaction, dice placement mechanism and take-that moments.”

    “The game is super quick to play, has catchy rules and is very varied as there are some cards that still allow for special tricks.”
    Julia, Blogger YouTube-Channel Meeple Queen_Brettspiele
    “You are playing a three player maturity game but only two players are actually playing … so it gives you a feeling of a bigger game. That is pretty good.”
    Jason, Game critic YouTube-Channel The Boardgame Mechanics
    “A nice two-person game with interesting knacks in it.”
    Pam, Blogger YouTube-Channel Brettspielgarde

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