Tootophants Circus

Whoever toots the most beautifully will be the most successful ringmaster!


Tootophants Circus:
The game world

Now there’s something to marvel at! The elephant circus is in town! All elephants want to show their tricks - but the Tootophants are the real stars! Tootophants are rare elephants with a golden trumpet nose. They can trumpet even louder than their trunky fellow elephants. Now the elephant circus is looking for a new ringmaster. He should bring order back into the ring - because there is a lot of confusion!


Tootophants Circus:
The game idea

Build your own elephant circus! Form a ring with the cards, and then it goes round! You can pair up animals and steal your teammates' animals! But beware: the mice (beep!) turn everything upside down. Tamers and lassos provide even more surprises. A colorful spectacle for young and old - simple, fast-paced and fun! TOOT!!!


These are the playing cards

There’s a lot going on at the Frolicsome Circus.
These are the cards you should know.


The Trötofant

Trötofanten are the big stars of the circus ring. Just trumpet loudly and steal the stacks of cards from other players.


The Elephant

Elephants can do the craziest tricks with their balls. And they are very sociable. Attract other elephants with the same number to you.


The Mouse

Elephants and Tootophants are very afraid of mice. Steal a pile from a teammate with the mouse. But don't forget the “BEEP”!


The Mausefalle

Where there is a mouse, the mousetrap is not far. You can’t perform any action? Call “SNAP” and any pile of cards is yours.


The Dompteur

Finally, someone is watching over your animals! The tamer protects your cards from mean attempts to steal them.


The Lasso

With the lasso you make really fat booty. A lasso only steals another pile with a lasso - whoever pulls the last lasso has the jackpot!



    Explanation video TOOTOPHANTS CIRCUS

    Explanation video by SpieleBlog


    The rules of the game TOOTOPHANTS CIRCUS:


    Here is a selection of reviews of TOOTOPHANTS CIRCUS:
    “For a publisher's first work, a nice, attractive, good children’s and family game. With children, the one with the sounds goes down very well. Even a small tactical element may not be missing here.”
    “What a super fun, fast-paced game! Really makes you want to play game after game. The elephants are mega cute and cool drawn. Just great what you got out of such a small game.”

    Patrick, Game Critic @panatzu_gaming

    “The stacks are getting more and more and it’s fast-paced. It gets fun when you have to call out the action words. ‘TOOT’, ‘BEEP’, ‘SNAP’! It’s a lot of fun. I played it with my son who is five and it worked wonderfully. We will be playing this game more often.”

    Dimi, Blogger

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