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First the idea, then the game

A lot of brain power and time went into our games! We proudly present:


Tricky figures, crazy lines, colourful fun!
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Intrigue, power struggles, the supernatural: who is the most successful gangster boss?
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Games make happy!

With family, with friends, sitting together, laughing and just having fun – SPIEL DAS!

About us

SPIEL DAS! is a publishing house by gamers for gamers. If we manage to give you a lot of fun with our games together with family and friends, we have reached our goal.
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What others say about us

If you like our games, that makes us really happy.

About our game For Sale:

"It's simply a great, funny game and the fun is absolutely in the foreground here! It often ends up on our table! Especially the kids have fun with it."

About our game With a Smile & a Gun:

"The game is a little gem that combines mechanisms in a way that has never been seen before. There are few area control games that work so well with two players. Absolute top recommendation, the game is really great. I'm celebrating it."

About our game COLOUR SQUARE:

"Super cool mental arithmetic game. Everyone plays at the same time, nobody has to get bored. I think it's super customisable, it's fun, it doesn't take too long. The children are constantly doing maths, I really like that!"

Dr Dina Beneken, learning therapist YouTube channel DinaBeneken

About our game Ninja Academy:

"Cool warm-up game - I would always have this with me, for example on holiday with children."

Hunter, game reviewer YouTube channel Hunter & Friends

About our game MAGISTRAR:

“It is a really good game! The mechanics work flawlessly, the material is very good and the illustrations are also very praiseworthy.”

Claudius, Game Critic @brettspielperlen

About our game AEOLOS

"The card mechanism is really innovative, it takes out the luck factor. I also liked that as a strategy player. It's a game suitable for families, but I still have the feeling that I can make strategic decisions."

Manuel, "SPIEL DES JAHRES" jury member & podcaster Insert Moin

About our game NEUE HELDEN
“We had a lot of fun and especially schadenfreude at the table - because here you can really tease each other. A great game for the whole family.”

Olli, Game Critic @lordoftheboard1976

About our game publisher:

"They put their heart and soul into creating great games for families and multiplayers that combine imaginative worlds with fun in and around the game."

Jonas Dahmen, spielpunkt.net

About our game NEUE HELDEN:
“A nice game for happy hours of play in the family, but also with the game-experienced friends.”

Alu and Konsti, Blogger

About our game MAGISTRAR:

"A great 2-person game! If you're looking for a game where you can add more and more depth to the game with small tactical decisions and where you always have different variants, then you should definitely take a look at MAGISTRAR."

Sabine Wiele, playtester Fairplay – Das Spielermagazin

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