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First the idea, then the game

A lot of brain power and time went into our games! We proudly present:


Start the sea­faring adventure of your life! Is the god of the wind well-disposed towards you?
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Roll the dice, add up, win! Who collects the most points?
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Ninja Academy

With fun and skill!
Will you be the best ninja?
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Games make happy!

With family, with friends, sitting together, laughing and just having fun – SPIEL DAS!

About us

SPIEL DAS! is a publishing house by gamers for gamers. If we manage to give you a lot of fun with our games together with family and friends, we have reached our goal.
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What others say about us

If you like our games, that makes us really happy.
About our game MAGISTRAR:
“It is a really good game! The mechanics work flawlessly, the material is very good and the illustrations are also very praiseworthy.”

Claudius, Game Critic @brettspielperlen

About our game NEUE HELDEN
“We had a lot of fun and especially schadenfreude at the table - because here you can really tease each other. A great game for the whole family.”

Olli, Game Critic @lordoftheboard1976

About our game publisher:
“Robert Heller creates appealing and stimulating game worlds.”

Jury author scholarship
„Spiel des Jahres e.V.“

About our game NEUE HELDEN:
“The whole setting is just a joy. We had a lot of fun with it! Absolutely clear recommendation.”

Claudius, Game Critic @brettspielperlen

About our game NEUE HELDEN:
“Great game + great illustrations = eye candy with addictiveness!”


About our game NEUE HELDEN:
“A nice game for happy hours of play in the family, but also with the game-experienced friends.”

Alu and Konsti, Blogger

About our game MAGISTRAR:
“It's the perfect game to play a few rounds against each other when you don't have much time. I really like it a lot.”

Olli, Game Critic @lordoftheboard1976

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