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    Start the seafaring adventure of your life! Is the god of the wind well-disposed towards you?

    €49.90 –8 % each €45.90
    incl. VAT plus shipping



    Roll the dice, add up, win! Who collects the most points?

    each €14.90 incl. VAT plus shipping


    1 spare block for COLOUR SQUARE

    each €3.90 incl. VAT plus shipping


    2 spare blocks for COLOUR SQUARE

    each €6.90 incl. VAT plus shipping



    With fun and skill! Will you be the best ninja?

    each €19.90
    incl. VAT plus shipping


    Neue Helden braucht das Land

    Show that you have what it takes to be a superhero and conquer the hearts of your city!

    €39.90 –13 % each €34.90
    incl. VAT plus shipping


    MAGISTRAR – Duel of the Mages

    Who casts the best spells? Can you win the battle?

    €24.90 –8 % each €22.90
    incl. VAT plus shipping


    Tootophants Circus

    Whoever toots the most beautifully will be the most successful ringmaster!

    €9.90 –10 % each €8.90
    incl. VAT plus shipping


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